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August 14, 2018 11:51 am

I am writing in regards to a remarkable performer who has visited our library multiple times and always delivers a wonderful show! Thor’s Reptiles is one program the kids always look forward too. He is the best Animal show I’ve seen! Thor brings lots of reptiles including a 10 foot snake at the end of the show that the children get to hold! He has a fast paced entertaining, informative show…never boring, he holds the kids attention and introduces many animals, the kids gasp in surprise as he pulls them out of their basket homes!! Thor goes on to inform the children of the animals habits, eating, where they are found etc: then he walks around the room and lets the children touch some of them or get an up close look! Thor is one of my top choices in performers for the summer reading program, we invite him year after year and the kids love him! He is one of those special people that connect with children very well. Gotta love him with his Australia accent, khaki’s, hiking boots and unique upbeat entertaining!

We love Thor’s Reptiles!
Robin Singh
Children’s Specialist
Hesperia Branch Library
San Bernardino County Library System