Library Safari’s

Thor’s Reptile Family understands the importance of mixing education and fun. Increase attendance and generate a buzz at your library with an educational and entertaining live reptile show. Our shows are a unique form of educational entertainment that is sure to capture the attention, imagination and interest of any audience.

Here is what Hesperia Library had to say about us: “Your shows continue to be among our most well attended – nothing like critters to bring down the house. You have a fantastic talent in captivating the kids in an entertaining, educational and exciting way. Thank you for bringing such a fun, educational program to so many families this Summer.”

Don’t miss out on a unique chance to provide your readers with an experience they won’t forget. And if you have specific books on retiles let us include those in our show and increase your readership rate.

The Library SAFARI

A program Specifically designed for the Summer reading programs
Enjoy a one hourh-on entertaining and educational show featuring arthropods, amphibians and reptiles of all sizes. You will be taken on a Safari around the world learning about various aspects of the animals presented with a emphasis on who, how and what their feeding habits are. Herbivores, Carnivores, lnsectivores and Omnivores are all included.

Please call us at (909) 342-3905 or email: thor(a thorsreptilefamilyxom
to discuss your libraries specific needs.