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School Safari’s

Thor’s Reptile Family understands the importance of education. What better way to teach your students about the science and biology of animals than to have live reptiles available for study right in your classroom? Our shows can enhance any educational curriculum by providing information on a wide variety of subjects. Discover the place of reptiles in the food chain, learn about the life cycle from neonate to adult and find out about reptile ecosystems, habitat destruction, conservation and what you can do to help. Studies show that students are more motivated to learn with a hands-on educational approach, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Single/Double/Triple Class Safari: $250 – $350*

Whether your class is studying reptiles, biodiversity or just wants to have a fun and educational presentation about the non-furry creatures of the world, Thor’s Reptile Family will bring the safari into your classroom. Enjoy a 1 hour show that will feature an exotic mix of reptiles, amphibians and arthropods! Our shows are informative, fun, interactive and adapted to students of all ages from pre-school up to high school. Students will learn about animal adaptations, habitat, conservation and many other fun facts and are able to touch and even hold many of the animals!. This is an experience students
are sure to remember!

Each additional, same day, Single Class Safari: Discount

School Assembly Safari: $500*

Looking for a way to spice up your school assemblies? Thor’s Reptile Family provides a highly exciting, interactive, informative and safe way for everyone in your school to enjoy and learn about exotic animals. The 1 hour safari will feature an exotic mix of 10-15 of our biggest creatures to guarantee maximum visibility and wow factor from the stage. Both student and teacher volunteers will be called upon throughout the show and there will be the chance for a hands on experience by the audience at the end.

*Travel fees may apply